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Magazine Article
The Remodelers’ Choice 100 Products 2009 (from 1-20)
Green and energy-efficient products drive the most interest on this year’s list
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Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive
Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive from Walla Walla Environmental is designed for both interior and exterior applications and controls insects in and around the home. It mixes easily with water-based and oil-based paint, stains or sealers. It kills several kinds of insects, lasts the life of the coating and is odorless. Type #1 in E-Inquiry Form.

FastFloor by Rhino Home Pro is a premier decorative yet durable coating solution for residential and commercial flooring. FastFloor is a color stable polyaspartic coating, allowing it to keep its beauty without color shifts seen with other coating systems such as epoxies. FastFloor offers superior protection against abrasion, impact and chemicals. It installs in a day and is ready the next. Type #2 in E-Inquiry Form.

Rheem Water Heating now offers solar water heating systems under the Rheem Solaraide brand. Combining a storage tank with one or two collector panels, these passive systems operate without pumps or controllers, relying instead on the natural process of convection — also called indirect thermosiphoning — to circulate the heat-transfer fluid. Type #3 in E-Inquiry Form.

30-Vacuum-Tube Solar Collector
Heat Transfer Products has unveiled a new 30-vacuum-tube solar collector that will deliver up to 39,000 Btu per panel per day, depending on available sunlight. The collectors are engineered to maximize energy efficiency even at high Delta T temperatures, making them ideal for colder regions or applications demanding higher outlet temperatures. Type #4 in E-Inquiry Form.

Turnkey Photovoltaic Systems
PLP Solar provides turnkey photovoltaic systems, mounting hardware and renewable products. The Power-Fab hardware product line includes the Power Tube CRS, Power Rail, Top-of-Pole, Side-of-Pole, large ground mount systems and enclosures. Type #5 in E-Inquiry Form.

Swanstone Bathtub Replacement Shower Kit
With a single kit form the Swan Corp., contractors can replace an old bathtub with a new shower, complete with floor, walls and bench seat. The new Swanstone Bathtub Replacement Shower Kit offers a simple solution to redesign a bath. Type #6 in E-Inquiry Form.

LiteSteel Beam
LiteSteel Beam from LiteSteel Technologies is a structural beam with the strength of steel but with workability and ease of installation associated with wood products. LSB is on average 40 percent lighter than hot-rolled steel and engineered wood beams of equivalent performance. The innovative, patented cold forming process gives LSB a unique profile with the torsional rigidity normally expected from hot-rolled steel. Type #7 in E-Inquiry Form.

No-Flush Urinals
The Waterless Company’s No-Flush Urinals are now available for the master bathroom. The Del Casa and Casito Waterless No-Flush Urinals are perfect for residential settings, easy to install and are available in a host of colors.
Type #8 in E-Inquiry Form.

R-21 Perforated Batts
Bonded Logic’s new R-21 perforated batts has been added to its UltraTouch line. This insulation is an environmentally safe, non-itch building insulation made from natural denim/cotton fibers that offers exceptional acoustic and thermal performance with no fiberglass, formaldehyde or chemical irritants used. Type #9 in E-Inquiry Form.

Diamond Pier DP-50
The Diamond Pier DP-50 model from Pin Foundations is ICC approved for residential construction of decks, walkways, stairs, ramps and porches. The load capacity per pier is equal to or greater than most common deck foundations. The DP-50 provides an instant foundation that allows builders to start framing immediately. There is no need to dig deep holes, pour concrete or repair the landscape. Type #10 in E-Inquiry Form.

Door Insert Kit
The Safety Bath Door Insert Kit can be installed in an exisiting bathtub to provide and accessible entrance. The user retains the use of the bathtub as a bathtub and as a shower. Type #11 in E-Inquiry Form.

PVC Stealth Bead Board
Versatex introduces the new low-maintenance PVC Stealth Bead Board, with an extended nailing flange to allow for a true hidden fastening system for porch ceilings and high, hard-to-reach soffit areas. The new plank is a tongue and groove design with a kicker. Instead of having to nail through a small tongue as in traditional beaded T&G products, the installer now has a wider 1/2-in. surface to nail through.Type #12 in E-Inquiry Form.

Linear Burner
Spark Modern Fires announces a totally new modular burner system called The Linear Burner. Designers can create any length from 24 to 96 in. in 1-ft. increments. And choose from variable multiple views: one-sided, two-sided, three-sided or completely open with an overhead vent. The system is versatile, flexible and endlessly designable, allowing the fireplace to truly reflect the mood of the room. Type #13 in E-Inquiry Form.

Easy Riser
Easy Riser from Universal Forest Products is a prenotched, adjustable stair stringer system that easily attaches to standard lumber. It eliminates most of the cutting and layout associated with traditional methods, saving time and labor costs. The product is structurally stronger than conventional stairways because there is at least 5 in. of wood for support at the riser point, the manufacturer says. Type #14 in E-Inquiry Form.

FreeWatt Heating System
The Climate Energy/Honda FreeWatt heating system offers a completely new system for home heating while reducing harmful emissions. The excess power generated by the heating system can be sold back to the power grid and even reduce a homeowner’s electric bill. The system uses micro combined heat and power cogeneration technology with natural gas to provide residential heat more efficiently, with the added benefit of producing electric power. Type #15 in E-Inquiry Form.

Accord Tile Bath/Shower
The 60-in. Sterling Accord tile bath/shower is made of exclusive solid Vikrell material and incorporates an innovative click-together, caulkless wall system. The four-piece bath/shower features a single pivot point installation system making it easy to interlock the two end walls with the back wall. Type #16 in E-Inquiry Form.

Titen HD Anchor
The Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD anchor is a patented, high-strength screw anchor for concrete and masonry. It is designed for optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, a requirement of the 2006 IBC for post-installed anchors. The self-undercutting, nonexpansion characteristics of this anchor make it ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacings. Type #17 in E-Inquiry Form.

Soft Foam Insulation
Icynene is a spray-in-place, light density, expanding soft foam insulation. Benefits include superior thermal performance; healthier indoor air by reducing condensation-related mold and mildew; up to 50 percent in energy savings and reduced sound transmission. It is an environmentally friendly insulation and air barrier system, the manufacturer states. It can quickly and easily seal complicated framing details and intricate designs. Type #18 in E-Inquiry Form.

XJ 85 Wood I-beam Joist
The XJ 85 wood I-beam joist from Georgia-Pacific Wood Products is a prefabricated I-joist with strategically placed openings through which builders can easily install plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. The joist offers builders and contractors lower installed cost due to fewer callbacks, and the precut holes allow for quicker installation and reduced waste on the jobsite. Type #19 in E-Inquiry Form.

501 Soy-based Foam Insulation
BioBased Insulation’s 501 soy-based foam insulation is a water-blown, open cell product that creates an air barrier around the home and stops air filtration. Because it’s bio-based instead of petroleum-based, it is an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible insulation. Type #20 in E-Inquiry Form.