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Magazine Article
The Remodelers’ Choice 100 Products 2009 (from 41-60)
Green and energy-efficient products drive the most interest on this year’s list
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R-Tech Fanfold Roof Underlayment
Insulfoam introduces R-Tech Fanfold Roof Underlayment which is a high-performance, eco-friendly sheathing and is an ideal, easy-to-install insulation that is designed specifically for roof recover applications. Manufactured with a closed-cell, lightweight expanded polystyrene with advanced polymeric laminate facers, R-Tech offers superior dimensional stability and compressive strength. Type #41 in E-Inquiry Form.

Swash Ecoseat
The Brondell Swash Ecoseat’s innovative design and water wash provides a more comfortable, refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience and reduces toilet paper use by 75 percent. The Swash Ecoseat fits 98 percent of toilets, has an anti-microbial finish and simple push-button controls. Type #42 in E-Inquiry Form.

Wrap N’ Snap
Royal Wood introduces Wrap N’ Snap, a new column wrap design with a quick snap-lock function. It uses maintenance-free cellular PVC material that eliminates peeling, rotting, painting or denting. It requires only one-person installation and is available in five different sizes. The column wrap comes in a prefinished white that can be painted after installation. Type #43 in E-Inquiry Form.

SolidStart LSL
Louisiana-Pacific’s SolidStart LSL is a structural engineered wood product that has greater resistance to warping, twisting, shrinking and bowing, the manufacturer states. Applications include: headers and beams, wall stud applications, roof beams and rafters, truss chords, rim board and stair stringers. The product is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Non-urea-formaldehyde binders are used in its manufacture. Type #44 in E-Inquiry Form.

Cellulose insulation
Cellulose insulation from National Fiber has a recycled content greater than 83 percent, and R-value of 3.8 per inch and a very low embodied energy content. Cellulose is a green, high-performance insulation and a safe option for consumers. Type #45 in E-Inquiry Form.

Halcyon Bath Fan
Hunter Fan offers its new Halcyon bath fan, featuring a contemporary look with a cast chrome design element capturing a swirled marble glass diffuser. It is UL listed for use over shower/tub and provides 90 cfm with 2.5 sones. Type #46 in E-Inquiry Form.

Decorative Fan/Lights
The decorative fan/lights from NuTone offer two power and sound levels, both appropriate for installation in flat ceilings only. The 768CHNT offers 80 cfm with a quiet sound level of 2.5 sones while the 761WHNT model (shown) features a more powerful 100 cfm at 3.5 sones. Type #47 in E-Inquiry Form.

Drexel Metals offers DrexelSolar, a solar power harvesting system utilizing ultra-thin, amorphous silicon photovoltaic laminate that is integrated with the metal roof system. The building-integrated photovoltaic system is lightweight and relatively easy to install. Type #48 in E-Inquiry Form.

Ventergy Series Fans
Ventergy Series Fans from American Aldes are versatile multiport ventilator units for residential and light commercial applications. The fans feature quiet, energy-efficient permanent split capacitor external rotor motors with permantently sealed bearings to provide years of maintenance-free performance. Type #49 in E-Inquiry Form.

Closed-Cell, Spray-in-Place
Corbond Corporation insulation is a closed-cell, spray-in-place product that seals out moisture and humidity eliminating change for formation of mold, bacteria and decay. Both indoor and outdoor climates are effectively displaced out of the cavity permanently as the insulation is installed in its seamless fully adhered form. Type #50 in E-Inquiry Form.

Real Gutter Cover
Real Gutter Cover by Raytec Manufacturing is engineered with more holes per square inch than the leading competitor. The engineers designed the ends to be easily notched and formed on the job if the installer wants a tight fit to deter birds, bees or other pests. Furthermore, it incorporates a unique reverse bend that helps to prohibit splash-over in severe downpours. Type #51 in E-Inquiry Form.

Continental Fan’s AeroFan is engineered to provide superior ventilation and efficient performance. It is available in lighted and non-lighted versions, and has a variety of optional grille design upgrades. Type #52 in E-Inquiry Form.

Developed specifically for home design and remodeling professionals, the Color-Helper from Color Savvy is a hand-held device that utilizes digital technology and color science to instantly read and recommend the best color from a palette of nearly 18,000 shades from all major paint manufacturers. The Color-Helper comes in handy when a color sample can’t be taken to a store to be matched. Type #53 in E-Inquiry Form.

Orac Decor Flexible Polymer Mouldings
Architectural Products by Outwater’s newly expanded series of Orac Decor Flexible Polymer Mouldings enable remodelers to easily create “on demand” radii right on the jobsite to suit almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without profile deformation or causing excess stress to the mounting surface. The mouldings can be installed using typical woodworking equipment and do not require priming before finishing. Type #54 in E-Inquiry Form.

AQV Vivace High Wall Mini
The Samsung AQV Vivace High Wall Mini splits are available in three models with 12,000 to 24,000 Btu-per-hour capacities. These units are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, using a shadow mirror front panel. An SPI Hydrogen and Oxygen Ion generator is built into the unit to remove viruses and harmful particles from the room improving the indoor air quality. Type #55 in E-Inquiry Form.

200 Wall Mount
Johnson Hardware’s 200 Wall Mount, a modern spin on barn door hardware, is a space-saving alternative for small spaces and a contemporary feature that will add a splash of design. The 200WM can hold up to a 300-lb. door (shown with a heavy-duty glass prairie style door) and can be used with or without a decorative valance to cover the track. Type #56 in E-Inquiry Form.

Low-flow Showerheads
JACLO has created a bevy of low-flow showerheads and hand showers, which merge conservation and comfort. Advanced technology, which incorporates flow regulators as opposed to restrictors, keeps the pressure and flow of the water strong, distributing 1.75 gpm. Type #57 in E-Inquiry Form.

Self-powered Switches
ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light switches save time and materials on electrical projects. They do not require switch leg wires, traveler wires and wall switch boxes. ILLUMRA self-powered switches use no batteries and surface mount or fit in switch boxes. Type #58 in E-Inquiry Form.

PBW110H Bath Fans
Fantech Inc. offers an extensive line of Premium Bath Fans, including the PBW110H (shown). The motor and housing mount on an exterior wall so any motor noise is isolated outside the living area. Insulated flex duct runs from the exterior fan to a small grille with halogen light that is mounted in the ceiling of the bath. Type #59 in E-Inquiry Form.

Thick Aluminum Surface
The thick aluminum surface of Warmboard radiant subfloor possesses the two most important properties for excellent thermodynamic performance: high conductivity and low thermal mass. The high efficiency of Warmboard ensures compatibility with any type of floor covering. Warmboard is the only radiant heat panel that is also a structural subfloor. Type #60 in E-Inquiry Form.