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Magazine Article
The Remodelers’ Choice 100 Products 2009 (from 81-100)
Green and energy-efficient products drive the most interest on this year’s list
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DensArmor Plus
DensArmor Plus from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is a paperless drywall for residential interiors that incorporates fiberglass mats on the front and back instead of paper facings. Mold can develop when the right combination of temperature, mold spores, moisture and a food source are present. Substituting fiberglass mats for paper facings removes a potential food source for mold growth. Type #81 in E-Inquiry Form.

Expanding Color Palette
Ply Gem is expanding the color palette of its popular Mastic Cedar Discovery line, which provides the look of hand-split shakes and shingles, to include Cape Cod Grey. Cape Cod Grey becomes the fourth cedar-stained color of the Mastic Cedar Discovery line and is available in half-round, hand-split shake and perfection profiles. Type #82 in E-Inquiry Form.

The Ecoflow from Brondell is a first of its kind with dual flushing ingenuity, which converts an existing toilet to a water-saving fixture. In less than 30 minutes this simple two-button control can be installed and saves on buying a whole new toilet. Type #83 in E-Inquiry Form.

Amesbury Locca’s Access allows a door to be unlocked remotely with the touch of a button. Doors can be unlocked from over 50 yds. away, fits almost any door and is an ADA-compliant access solution. Up to 19 remotes can be stored on a single unit and includes a backup battery and manual override in case of power failure. Type #84 in E-Inquiry Form.

Adams Casing Profile
AZEK Building Products, a maker of cellular PVC trim and mouldings, has expanded its moulding product line with the addition of the Adams Casing profile, a universal profile for creating detailed shadow lines and adding character to any vintage window trim application. The company offers 16 profiles that are one-for-one replacements for their wood counterparts. Type #85 in E-Inquiry Form.

Minima Frameless Shower
The Minima shower enclosure from Kohler creates a frameless rectangle with one fixed panel and one that integrates a sliding door to create an open 46- by 35-in. luxury shower environment. The Minima shower is nearly the size of most common shower spaces making it attractive for retrofitting. Type #86 in E-Inquiry Form.

Automatic Drawer Openers
Hettich America’s “Easys” are electric, automatic drawer openers that can be activated by touching anywhere on the front of the drawer. This technology allows for a sleek and continuous design that is uninterrupted by cabinet hardware. The Easys system works through the use of an electric drive unit hidden inside of the cabinet which provides a smooth, even opening movement. This system is designed so that it does not take up valuable drawer space. The electric drive is deactivated anytime the drawer meets even a slight resistance. Drawers can also be used traditionally if there is a power outage. Type #87 in E-Inquiry Form.

Ashlar Profile
Eldorado’s Ashlar profile is a larger, more formal rectangular-shaped stone that is ideal for both traditional and modern architectural applications. It works well on larger surface areas. Ashlar’s pattern and dimensions, both in height and length, make for easier installation. It will be available in three new colors nationwide: Santa Barbara, Bedford and Fairmont. Type #88 in E-Inquiry Form.

Douglas Fir Estate Lattice
Woodway premium Douglas fir estate lattice features moulded lath for a finished look indoors and stainless steel fasteners and exterior grade glue to last outdoors. The Cape May style (shown) is an historically accurate panel for jobs requiring a closer slat orientation. Also available are Newport, a wide-slat version, and Rockport, an all-purpose lattice upgrade. Type #89 in E-Inquiry Form.

OSI WINTeQ Window Installation System
Henkel announces the introduction of the OSI WINTeQ Window Installation System, the first three-component campatible window installation system. The new OSI WINTeQ system helps take the confusion out of product selection and increases protection against energy loss and water penetration in three steps: flash, seal, foam. Type #90 in E-Inquiry Form.

Horizon Series
Hakatai has launched the Horizon Series of mixed-media mosaic blends, offering blends of glass, glass and metal, and glass and stone. The unique random blends offer the versatility and color options of glass mosaic tile, combined with the diversity of texture presented by polished stone, stainless steel or copper mosaics. Type #91 in E-Inquiry Form.

Custom Coat Finishes
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors introduces its Custom Coat finishes. The finishes are applied to the top, bottom and even the tongue and groove so that the board will stay dry, flat and stable. Also incorporated is a special adhesive that further inhibits mold, mildew and other unhealthy airborne microbes. Type #92 in E-Inquiry Form.

Watertite Mold & Mildew-Proof Paint
Watertite Mold & Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint from ZINSSER Co. has a unique oil-base formula that combines a state-of-the-art waterproofing resin with Portland cement to create a coating that stops up to 34 psi of water pressure. It also contains a mildewcide to prevent the growth of mold and mildew for a minimum of five years after application, making it great for basements and other masonry surfaces where mold and mildew can be problematic. Type #93 in E-Inquiry Form.

EcoBuilt Verde Collection
Overhead Door’s EcoBuilt Verde Collection features four styles: Yosemite, Acadia, Presidio and Tahoe, available in a variety of patterns and with several window and decorative hardware options. The doors feature steel integrated meeting rails and can be purchased with or without insulation. EcoBuilt garage door panels are SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) certified to use a minimum of 88 percent recycled content. Type #94 in E-Inquiry Form.

Ever Ready Sauna Heater
Finlandia offers the Ever Ready sauna heater. Thanks to microceramic insulation and a basic power of 250 watts, the heater is ready instantly. The Ever Ready can be used at a lower temperature for more steam or a higher temperature by turning on the one hour booster. Type #95 in E-Inquiry Form.

Tempest Gas Torch
The Tempest Gas Torch from Travis Industries features a spinning, spiral-like flame with an open-aired, rectangular ceramic glass housing. Available to run off attached gas lines or a 5-gal. propane tank, it puts out up to 20,000 Btu and can be manually ignited with the built-in piezo igniter. Type #96 in E-Inquiry Form.

Vierti Single-touch Dimmer
Lutron Electronics offers the Vierti single-touch dimmer. The adaptive LEDs brighten when touched to indicate the dimmer is responding, and then glow softly when at rest. Type #97 in E-Inquiry Form.

Pegasus Lift System
Hafele America Co. offers Pegasus, the new lift system for wall cupboards with a centrally-fitted mechanism for improved ergonomics and user comfort. The key element of this new concept is to have the ability to adjust different weight loadings with the turning of the rotating adjuster. Type #98 in E-Inquiry Form.

TCS II Terne-coated Stainless
Follansbee TCS II terne-coated stainless features a variety of weather-resistant, green and energy-saving attributes. TCS II, an architectural stainless steel coated with Follansbee’s patented ZT (zinc/tin) alloy, can be installed on residences often specified for historic renovations because of its classic, traditional look. Type #99 in E-Inquiry Form.

Wrought Iron Window Designs
New wrought iron window designs from Clopay offer an affordable way to carry out an Old World European architectural theme all the way to the garage. Designed to complement other exterior architectural elements like wrought iron handrails, lights, fences and gates, these windows provide the look of handcrafted forged iron over beaded glass, but are actually constructed of a durable acrylic. They are available on Clopay’s Gallery Collection steel carriage house door and Classic raised panel lines. Type #100 in E-Inquiry Form.